5 years.... WOW

.Hello everyone..

WOW... 5 years... and a million cards....that has gone so fast, but making cards is super fun and that is how time goes bye!!!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to I am Tall Poppy in gorgeous Willunga for being my exclusive stockist and stocking my creations and also a huge Thank you to YOU, yes YOU for purchasing and gifting them or keeping them for you!
Wedding Creations

Newborn Baby Girl


Also this week today in fact my first born of 4 has turned '16'... I cannot believe it.... He is so TALL, and precious, my rock.. and I am so proud of the person he has become...
A Layered Birthday Card with Special Photos

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This is a card I created for him yesterday... nothing like the last minute... It is of his Tennis Idol... Naomi Osaka!... We were so lucky to attend the Australian Open in Melbourne again this year... and he got so close to his tennis fav, even went along solo and purchased his own ticket so he could see her play!  

I love how we can create with anything... a photo or 2 and added to a card to create a special momento also as a memory token!  Photos don't just need to go in that photo album or scrapbook, we can embellish them add texture and create an item that can be used as our decor!
Layered Framed Artowk

Happy Wednesday everyone.. and if there is anything at all you would like to know... please let me know and I am more than happy to help!

Happy papercrafting,


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